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What We Do

We source development land and old properties.  Using our own capital, and private funding partners, we purchase and build using our own style to create a unique end product.

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We source development land and old properties

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We structure a deal where every party is happy, vendor, investor and ourselves

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Rebuild & Sell

Using our own project managers,  we develop a great product to put to market


About Us

Established in 2019, Durrell & Wolf is the combination of two young guys, passionate about property. Combining skills and expertise from the building industry, with experience in surveying, running projects, and structuring JV partnerships.

The larger goal for Durrell & Wolf is to build planet friendly developments, using materials that are more sustainable, and creating homes that are much cheaper to run.


Our Style

We believe that people buy into people, and that's why we put our personality into both our brand, and our projects. If you follow our social media, you can see we live and breathe property, its our passion, and we put that into the finish of our properties too. With a keen interest in interior design, we like to add some touches that create a unique end product that is sure to stand out from the rest when it goes to market. As Winston Churchill once said, "everything we build, ends up building us.


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